Our story

In the last three centuries Modica has nurtured a school of excellent scalpellini. They have been not only exceptional craftsmen but also peerless fine artists, who have manufactured the local stone into outstanding architectural and artistic creations to be seen in religious and civic buildings all around town. Indeed there are so many remarkable examples of their craftsmanship and creativity in various architectural and decorative ornaments, such as: cornices, keystones, friezes, mouldings, and balcony console brackets, embodying an aristocratic inimitable style and the enduring artistic sensibility of Modica’s scalpellini.

In such a unique artisan tradition Luigi Poidomani learned his trade by his own father. And later on, in 1971, he was the first to set up a modern equipped workshop for the manufacturing and production of hard limestone.

Once the “asciuni”, the large limestone rocks, have been selected and extracted in the quarry, they are transported in the workshop to be handled by sophisticated machinery. Thus, our skillfull craftsmen can create various architectural elements and decorative ornaments following market trends or our clients’ desires.