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Modica stone production and manifacturing

Over the last forty years we have been specializing in the manufacturing of different kinds of Sicilian stones and above all the Modica stone. Our business deals with the production of floors, and inner and outer coverings (bush hammed, smooth, aged, sandblasted), and any other work on commission or on custom designs.
We also produce:

By excavators and bulldozers, the Modica stone is quarried from deep layers of soil in plots of land of the Hyblean plateau. It is a hard limestone of variable light colour, going from ivory white to beige, depending on the point of extraction. It is also very resistant to weathering and mechanical compression. Distinctive traits of this stone are quartz veins, breaking through the limestone and giving a peculiar refinement to the final product, and the rare remains of small fossils found in the blocks.

After the extraction, the large limestone rocks are transported in the workshop to be cut into slabs or blocks by milling cutters equipped with diamond disks. According to our clients’ desires, we can manufacture the Modica stone for any residential use.

The finishes we produce are:

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